Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas in the Air!

Stratton is so excited about Christmas! It's fun seeing his excitement, but he's making me crazy. He's been so driven all week to get our tree up and all its decorations - he's been on my case multiple times a day. "Mom, you need to get out the Christmas decorations." "Mom, you need to put your ornaments on the tree." And so forth. My little delegator!
Creighton, of course, doesn't really know what's going on, but he's excited too. Every morning he walks out to the living room and points at the tree saying, "Free! Free!" And if the lights aren't on and he notices, he'll stand next to the tree and adamantly tell me, "On-on-on-on!"
We're using the fake tree (oh, how I wish for real trees!) Dave and Makell got us at Walmart on clearance a few years ago, but it's too big for the little corner of the room we have afforded it, so in true ghetto style we have only put the branches on the front half of the tree. This makes it look quite sparse. After Ric and I finished doing that much, Ric stood back to look at it and, putting his arm around me, commented, "You know, I really feel like we have a Charlie Brown tree this year!"
Unfortunately, with the boys only using half of the branches has made this too tipsy (it's a good thing I haven't gotten all my breakable ornaments up - and it's given Stratton the chance to decorate the bottom half of the tree numerous times because the ornaments fall off when the tree falls over!), so we have now nailed the tree to the wall with a piece of fishing line. So, adding to the Charlie-Brown-half-tree effect, we have all the non-breakable ornaments clumped on the front, bottom two rows of branches, and it's all held up by a piece of fishing line. Love it!
Now I just need to decide whether I should take the risk of putting wrapped presents under the tree yet or wait until Christmas Eve...

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  1. I love your little boys' names. They are so cute.