Saturday, February 20, 2010

Miscellaneous News

I think it must be karma or something, because I just had to report that after at least two years of coveting the roll recipe... I got it! =) I can't even say just how thrilled I am!
Also noteworthy is that we bought our first (and hopefully only) minivan this last week. Yes, I am now a Minivan Mommy. Mixed emotions on that one - it's a really nice vehicle, but I have trouble parking!
And I have less than a week until the baby is due! (However, knowing the timeliness issues that my Flegal genes carry, I am not really thinking she'll be here this coming week. Maybe the next week?) We have decided we will name her Keelian Belle Rogers. Keelian is a feminine twist on a family name. It is also Irish for "pretty". Belle is also a family name - plus I just think it's adorable. We are all excited and counting down around here!


  1. Embrace the minivan and don't look back! Also, I love the name.

  2. You got one sweet minivan, I must testify to that fact!! :)
    Can't wait for Keelian to come!

  3. Very cute name we were actually thinking of naming of baby belle if it was a girl. Brian loves that name but I kinda like Bella. Hope your baby comes soon for your sake!

  4. Don't dis the mini. I sucked it up and finally got one a year ago and can't believe it took me that long to finally convert. With small kids (even only two) it's the only way to go. No folding down seats or climbing over seats like in an suv. Plus from experience when you get into the carpool ages it's SERIOUSLY the only thing to own. I keep telling myself that once they are older and can get into the back without my help I will go back to an suv with pride. But for now love it and embrace it, it's the only way to drive with kids. Let us know when tiny baby girl Rogers is here, best of luck!!!

  5. I love the name!! That is adorable. Ty and I can't decide on a name yet. Hopefully something will emerge soon. Congrats on your Minivan. I completely understand your mixed feelings. We got a sedan last year and I was really sad to give up my SUV/Truck days. Can't wait to see pictures of your little girl and I love the family photo above, what a gorgeous family!