Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not to be outdone...

Though Creighton doesn't say all the funny things Stratton does, he's a character in his own right. Ric and I decided that if he was a cartoon character, he'd be the Tazmanian Devil - "Taz" - from Looney Tunes. He's just a whirlwind of activity, mostly talking unintelligibly, a slobbering mess all over the place. But we love him! Here are some of his latest antics:
  • Hauling the baby training potty all over the house to use it as his stool. I can't express how much it grosses me out that he brings a toilet into the kitchen (no, nothing in it - it's just the idea of it!).
  • He was fascinated with "blowing" his nose in a kleenex and then flushing it down the toilet for the last couple of weeks, but last weekend he discovered something much more effective -- unrolling 6-8 yards of toilet paper at a time and flushing the whole lot of it! I really need to get childproof locks for the bathroom doors.
  • Sleep naked! For some inexplicable reason, that child will not leave his pajamas on after he's put to bed at night. Little Houdini worms his way out of the pj's (without even unzipping the onesie ones) and tosses them on the floor next to the crib. No matter how many times we go in and put the jammies back on, he always ends up undressed. So we've just given up on putting him in pj's for bed. It makes it much easier, really. At least he leaves the diaper on. However, we came in the other night and he had obviously tried to take it off and had gotten it undone on one side before he went to sleep, but then must've peed in his sleep because he was (asleep) soaked from head to toe. So we had to get him up and change the sheets and clean him up and he wasn't very happy! Guess that one backfired for him!
All in all, Creighton is an absolute joy though. He makes me crazy trying to keep up with him, but he is so willing and helpful and sweet (which is especially nice right now because Stratton is being rather independent and obstinate!). My favorite thing he does (and maybe it's because I didn't purposely teach him this) is whenever I sneeze or cough he says, "Bless you, Mama!" It totally melts my heart!

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  1. LOL! I love the pic! PRICELESS! :) PS- I love reading your blog, you write so well!