Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Boutique

I'm so excited!!! This is a really nice, fun boutique my mom and I go to every year. About October I start looking forward to it. We go under the guise of buying Christmas presents, but usually end up getting more things for ourselves and our homes :P. Every year we get cute ideas and say to each other, "Gee, I could do that if I had the time," or "We can make cute stuff like this; why don't we sell stuff here?" Well this year we are! We're going to have some of our homemade breads, sweet rolls, and granola there. (We entered to late to get in any crafty things... maybe next year!)
There are cute items for every price range and even if you don't buy anything it's fun to get crafty ideas for your own home. So go check it out!


  1. Yay! I just discovered your blog and it makes me happy!

  2. Sounds so fun - how did things go?