Friday, February 26, 2010

Floating Psycho Ward

If you've ever seen the Muppet version of Treasure Island, there's a part in there where they all get "cabin fever" on the boat because of the lack of a breeze to get the boat moving (and then they go into this hilarious song and dance where the boat becomes a "floating psycho ward"). That's kind of what state our home is in right now. I'm mostly just laying around, watching for some sign of a breeze that will tell me this baby is coming.
However, I've come down with a cold in the last few days and that's really why I've been laying around. I'm doing my best to get over it so that she really can come - because she's not allowed to come with me being sick! It just makes the waiting worse since I really don't feel up to getting out and doing things to keep my mind off of it at the moment.
But I just wanted to update everyone that no, we haven't gone to the hospital yet! =)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Miscellaneous News

I think it must be karma or something, because I just had to report that after at least two years of coveting the roll recipe... I got it! =) I can't even say just how thrilled I am!
Also noteworthy is that we bought our first (and hopefully only) minivan this last week. Yes, I am now a Minivan Mommy. Mixed emotions on that one - it's a really nice vehicle, but I have trouble parking!
And I have less than a week until the baby is due! (However, knowing the timeliness issues that my Flegal genes carry, I am not really thinking she'll be here this coming week. Maybe the next week?) We have decided we will name her Keelian Belle Rogers. Keelian is a feminine twist on a family name. It is also Irish for "pretty". Belle is also a family name - plus I just think it's adorable. We are all excited and counting down around here!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheap Diapers and Frozen Peas

We bought some really cheap diapers (couldn't make it until the next time we could afford to do Costco). Don't ever buy the cheap diapers. I have to use double the amount to make up for the fact that they don't hold as much as well. I've learned I have to change Creighton's diaper before I put him to bed, and then again before I go to bed or he will wake up in the morning totally soaked from head to toe (no literary exaggeration here). Gross. He doesn't like it much either.
So last night for dinner I did baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, and frozen peas on top. The boys loved it. Creighton especially loved the peas. He kept asking for more - except he kept calling it corn (I think he thought that when I was correcting him I was telling him to ask "please".) He even finished eating and then came back five minutes later to climb up and stand in Ric's seat and ask for more "corn pease".
Later last night I went in to change his diaper before I went to bed. As I rolled him over and started undressing him, he started mumbling in his sleep. As I continued, the mumbling got clearer and clearer. "Corn, corn, corn, corn." He finally got so loud that he woke himself up (either that or it was the fact that by then I had his diaper off and it probably wasn't very warm). But I just had to laugh; my almost 2 year old even talks in his sleep about food! Now that's obsession!