Monday, January 10, 2011

Creighton's New 'Do!

The boys got haircuts Saturday night. After, I put all 3 kids in the tub and walked into the other room (yes, totally unsafe, I know). I was gone maybe a minute and a half, tops, and came back to find this:
Big trouble!!! Cratey had gotten out of the tub, climbed back up on the chair (naked and dripping water all over the hair mess), grabbed the little neck trimmer, and added to my haircut. It was not fixable.
So I shaved him bald. He cried the whole time. I wanted to cry too. His hair has never been this short! This is him checking it out after I had finished:
I made sure to really make him feel badly about cutting his own hair and now having to be bald. I had visions of him cutting Keely's hair if I didn't make him feel appropriately remorseful. (I even instructed Ric that when he got home he was not to laugh or tell Cratey how cool he looked.) Evidently Creighton doesn't yet understand that hair grows, because after I put him back into the bathtub I said, "It's okay, your hair will grow back after a while and you'll look normal again." Immediately he brightened up and said, "Really, Mom? Oh sank you!!" This is his relief:


  1. Oh my! That is one of my biggest fears especially because Boston sees me cut hair all of the time. Ahh!
    At least Cratey still looks cute but I won't tell him that.

  2. That is awesome! Isn't it great that hair grows back! You are such a great mom!

  3. No joke, he has one of the cutest faces with a shaved head! Maybe it was the pout and shock look at first, but he can pull it off. (don't tell him I said that) :)
    Ahh kids and hair. At least he didn't do it right before staring kindergarten! (Cherish) ha ha

  4. hahaha i LOVE that second picture.