Friday, April 23, 2010

Me and My Ficus

Ric and I listed our condo this week (anybody want to buy it?) and we showed it twice yesterday evening. It was just to realtors both times, however. So they were really just trying to get our business (we've not listed it with a realtor yet). But Ric and I cleaned and organized all day, finishing just in time. Well, by the end we were just stuffing things places - mostly in the van.
I have too many plants huddled by my windows, so in an effort to minimize I am having my sister and my mother-in-law plant sit until we sell. Well I hadn't taken the plants to their houses yet, so last night they went in the van too. The kids and I left while Ric fielded the realtors. So I drove around with a van full of dirty laundry, four houseplants, and three kids - among other things! I'm sure I looked homeless - except what person living out of a van would keep a ficus on the dashboard?
I sure hope our place sells fast - I don't know how long I can keep up the facade of an immaculately clean and organized family!


  1. I hope it sells fast, too. If my house doesn't sell, I'm going to go stark ravin' mad! (I hope someone warns the kids and hubby!)

  2. we don't know where we're moving yet... going to sell our place first. her in the sl valley though.