Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Keelian's Foot

It was such an idiot thing to do and I should have known better. I was cooking dinner and had her in the baby bjorn, facing forward, on the phone with mom Rogers, and reached up high above the stove to get a cookbook and it dragged Keely-Belle's foot across the hot burner. I burned a spot just bigger than a quarter on the top of her right foot. She kind of cried and I felt her foot and it felt hot, so I went to the couch to sit down and look at it. When I saw what I had done I started freaking out, "I burned my baby! I burned my baby!" (I would be hopeless as a paramedic.)
Ric had just come home from work and had the presence of mind to do something about it. He grabbed her from me and ran to the kitchen and started running her foot under cold water. I called Candace (family burn specialist due to a couple of her children having had bad burns) and she told me how to take care of it. Keely was an angel and really didn't cry too much over it after we got it under control.
A few days later the blister popped and so I took her to the doctor, just to make sure I was caring for it correctly. They seemed surprised that I wasn't very upset about it and that made me worry that they were thinking they needed to call child services because I didn't seem appropriately remorseful. But by that point it was three days after it happened and I wanted to tell them that this was my third child and probably wasn't the worst thing that had happened or is going to happen. Is that bad? The good news is that the doctor said she probably won't scar, so things are going fine as soon as we get it all healed over.

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  1. That is scary! It's good thing we have our hubbies to help us when we freeze! I'm glad she's doing well. You're an awesome Mom!!