Friday, March 25, 2011

BYU Basketball and the Honor Code

My Dad sent out an email to all of us kids today, expressing his disappointment over last night's loss for BYU. But he was also talking about how much he liked the positive things people have had to say about BYU's honor code and the positive publicity the Church is getting over it all. This was my response... I felt it was blog-worthy as it's something i feel really strongly about and may be a small insight into "mormondom" and why we do what we do:

good thoughts, dad - hooray for church standards and the honor code! same with being missionaries - people didn't understand the standards we held ourselves to but respected them nonetheless (although they may have thought we were crazy). i italicize that because many misunderstood both the honor code and the missionary rules as being something we were forced into living, but not only do you make the choice to follow the rules and honor code back when you decide to go to a church school or to go on a mission, i really feel that there is a power that comes when you are truly holding yourself to the rules/honor code.

i guess you could take it a step further and say the same for the church standards that apply to all members of the church. because you choose to live the law of chastity and the word of wisdom and pay tithing and follow the prophet, etc, you never see it as a burden (which is a blessing in and of itself), and therefore can receive greater blessings. goes back to that quote from elder maxwell about the difference between being honorable and valiant...

and that's my 2 cents worth - because you know i've always got at least 2 cents to say about everything!


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