Monday, July 20, 2009

Morning Sickness Blues

Bleeechhh! I hate being sick. I hate the first trimester. I am not a very good pregant woman. You know, there are some women who have bodies that just like being pregnant; they're healthier, they have more energy - Candace (my SIL) even loses weight! But not me. I feel sick or I feel big and cumbersome and achy. And I whine a lot. And I'm always thoroughly exhausted. I suppose there is some Grand Design in making me this way... maybe so I'll have more empathy for people who have chronic health problems (I never have been very understanding towards sick people because I really never get sick)? I dunno. Anyway, I'm miserable. Morning sickness? Ha! More like "every-stinkin'-breathing-moment sickness"!
My poor gallant husband has put up with it all admirably - I know he's already stressed with his church calling and work, but he has helped out so much around the house and with the boys, sleeps on the couch most nights (he says I'm too grouchy in the mornings every time he moves or makes a noise), and doesn't goad me too much over the fact that I hold my breath every time he kisses me because I can't stand any smells at the moment (which is really no reflection of how he smells - I don't breathe through my nose when I put my chapstick on for the same reason).
Only another 6 or so weeks or misery to go!


  1. I don't get that sick, but I still whine. Usually I'm the one sleeping on the couch, though.

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! You're my inspiration :) I am sorry you are so sick. I hope the weeks of misery and wo pass by quickly. I'm happy you started a blog. Your boys are adorable.

  3. Congrats Serity! I am right there with you on the morning sickness. I hate it, I can't even brush my teeth without gagging myself and all the smells constantly make me want to vomit. :) I so know and I feel for you. Let me know what you are having, I am so glad you blog now. Yay!

  4. I am so excited to be pregnant with you. I feel bad your sick but i know how you feel. Im glad mine is almost over.