Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well the last time I wrote was the day before my fifth anniversary. The morning of our anniversary I left for Girls' Camp with our ward. Kind of lame for Ric, I know. But we figured that since our anniversary was on a Monday, we really wouldn't be able to do anything cool anyway. So I was gone from Monday until Thursday. Ric stayed here but the boys went to stay with his parents so that he could focus on work. And from what I hear, they had an absolute blast at Grandma's. Stratton didn't even want to come home! (Sniff, sniff!) I had fun too, though. It was emotional work (you know girls) but it was a nice break in other ways. I guess Creighton had a temperature and Ric and Mom didn't want to worry me, but Mom told me about it when I called later. I think it was just probably from teething, but Mom said she got some good cuddle time in with Crater!
That weekend was Father's Day.... Over at Mom and Dad Rogers', Dave and Makell announced that Makell is pregnant! We are all so excited for them! Their baby is due in January.
The following week was recuperation from camping - laundry and etc. Camp really wore me out. I was so tired last week. Even when I went running in the mornings, it felt like I was running through mud! So I started taking my iron pills again because I was so tired.
I met Makell over at Sean's house (with my boys in tow) on Thursday to work on the garden. It was a carpet of weeds! Makell's been feeling sick and I remembered all too well what that was like. In fact, just being out in the heat and being tired and thinking about Makell being sick, I started feeling sick. I felt a little that way all Friday too. I thought that was pretty lame to have sympathy sickness for your sister-in-law! Then Ric asked me if my period shouldn't have started already... uh, oh! So that night, when Ric and Stratton and Ric's Dad went to the Father's and Son's, I took a pregnancy test. Negative. Whew!
Well all day Saturday I still felt kind of icky and still the same Sunday morning. By then I figured I had better just take the second test, just to make sure. I showed the results to Ric and he pointed out that I had been reading it wrong (honestly, who reads a pregnancy test wrong?) and yep, I am pregnant after all! Now, admittedly, this was not our plan. We were going to wait another year to have another baby - so many things going on until after next March - but evidently Heavenly Father and this baby had other plans! Ha, ha, funny joke on Ric and Serity!
So we've told our families now (by Stratton yelling, "Surprise, Mommy has a baby in her tummy!" at the Stratton family Sunday dinner and Rogers FHE in Sean's garden) because with me being this sick, it's hard to keep it a secret. This really bites. I hate being sick. I just keep looking at Creighton because I was so sick with him, and reminding myself that he was worth it. So I've spent most of this week lying flat on my back in bed or on the couch. My house is heading towards disaster and my children are getting quite neglected, but thank goodness for a wonderful husband and family that have already helped out a lot! And only about 8 weeks of this left!


  1. CONGRATS!!!

    I just got over the sickness stage, and my house is still not back into shape. :( I am 13.5 weeks along already. :D

    I hope you do not get too sick! Hang in there.

  2. Congratulations! Some of the best gifts are surprises, aren't they? I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Serity,

    Your news sounds Serendipitous

  4. Congrats! It's fun to read your story of how you found out. Good Luck with your morning sickness. Do you guys think it's going to be another boy? I assume you're going to find out instead of falling Grandma's suggestion... ("It's like opening your Christmas present early" LOL)

  5. Thanks to everyone for the sympathy! Yes, we are excited and yes, we will be finding out the gender (irregardless of Grandma's superstitions!). I'm prepared for it to be another boy, but will honestly be happy with either.

  6. That is exciting even though unexpected. CONGRATS! I'm so happy you are blogging, now we can keep in touch better! Love you! :)

  7. SERITY!

    you didnt tell me...hmmm maybe thats what the chick flic movie night was for! congratulations! im so excited for you! i hope you get to feeling better soon. We will for sure have to have a movie night at your house when your feeling better so i can congratulate you guys in person! :)

    love always, Ashley