Friday, July 17, 2009

Stratton's Doctor Visit

Stratton caused me a little excitement earlier this week. Monday morning he was complaining about his ear that he had bumped earlier that morning and as I was looking at it, something sparkled from inside his ear. He had said something to me at church the day before about how he had something sparkly in his ear to keep the water from getting in, but I thought his primary teacher had just been talking to him about earwax. Well I couldn't get it out so I ended up taking him into the doctor's office and paying the $15 copay to have the nurse practitioner use this handy little gadget that just popped it right out. I suppose I should've been grateful it wasn't anything worse than that. As I had taken Creighton over to be with Mom Rogers for the dr visit, we went back and Stratton played there while Creighton and I took a nap.. Thank heaven for family because I was feeling pretty sick on Monday!
Today I felt pretty decent. I still felt nauseated, mind you, but it was more of a minor nausea, not a keep-me-by-the-bathroom nausea. So I took the boys to the park. Yes, I was rather impressed with myself too. I actually lasted almost an hour too because I was able to sit in the shade, for the most part. It was so hot - nearly 100 degrees. I asked Stratton how hot he thought it was, "Blasted hot!" was his reply. And it's only mid-July!!


  1. Oh, yes, there was the time Liam and Kyle got macaroni up their noses. Kyle refused to let me use the tweezers. Eventually he just sneezed it out.

  2. So what was the sparkly thing in his ear?