Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Secret Recipes

I think it's really rotten of people to not share recipes. I can understand maybe not giving it out upon a person's first asking - you know, weeding out those who wouldn't really treasure how special it is - but if a person claims to really love your recipe and asks for it a couple of times, why wouldn't you share? I find it quite selfish and egocentric.
There is a roll recipe somewhere out there that I really, really want, but a certain someone won't share it. I am way bummed. I love breads and have tried dozens of rolls and baked quite a few different recipes with different variations in an attempt to copy the aforementioned rolls, but to no avail. However, I did try some last Saturday that are pretty darn close, if I do say so myself. I quite liked them. I suppose they will have to satisfy.
And Ric has a recipe for something that he's really been wanting ever since first tasting it at somebody's house a year and a half ago, but that recipe is not to be had either. I don't understand this; it's not like we see those people all that often, and it's not like Ric would go broadcast it to everyone we know that he's gotten a hold of this secret recipe. It would just mean that we get to enjoy it also. For heaven's sake, people, share the love!


  1. i have an idea. you should make a cookbook of all your fast and easy recipes and give them to your brothers for christmas! i think that would be an amazing idea.

  2. I hate when people don't share killer recipes!
    I have an AMAZING dour dough type bread that is just soooo yummy if you want :)

  3. would love to try the recipe hollie - thanks!