Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Angels and A Superhero

Creighton must have all kinds of angels watching over him! We had another scare with him and Stratton last week. I was over at Mom and Dad Rogers' and the boys were playing out back, as usual. They had been out there a while when I sat down to feed Keelian. Stratton came running in the back door saying, "Mom! Crater is in the lake! Crater is in the lake!" My brain was still trying to put together Crater Lake and what Stratton was talking about as Mom ran past me out the door. A little slow on the uptake, it dawned on me that Stratton meant the canal out back behind Mom and Dad's property and panic hit.
I just about threw the baby down on the couch next to Makell and flew out after Mom and Stratton. Wondering how I was going to save him with shoes that had no backs, I got there in time to see a scared and crying Creighton chest deep in the muddy water and Mom pulling him out. Mom said after that he was just hanging onto the cattails that grow really thick there at the edge. He wad trying to hold onto them to pull himself out but he kept slipping (which is probably why one of his fingers was bleeding). The water was cold with all the spring rain and he was freezing. uuuuu
Relief flooding through me, I snatched him up and carried him to the porch where I stripped him dowand promised him a warm bath. At the word "bath" Creighton stopped crying (he loves taking a bath and begs to do it all the time) and perked right up. And by the time I had him sitting in the bathtub, splashing in the running water, all was just fine and dandy in his world.
Oh that child! That's twice recently that he has totally stopped my heart like that! Thank goodness for Stratton's quick thinking in coming to get us. Thank goodness he didn't go in after him. Despite the fact that it was Stratton's fault that Creighton got out of the yard in the first place (he opened the back gate), I was just so glad that Cratey was safe that I sang Stratton's praises that night and told him he was a superhero because he had saved Cratey's life by coming and getting us so fast. Boy did he glow at that!
There is now a lock on both gates in the yard. I suppose it was inevitable that my little frogs discovered they could jump out of their bucket; I just wish I'd noticed it earlier!


  1. Serity,

    I nearly had a panic attack after reading your last two posts. I am SO GLAD he is okay. Way to go Stratton on knowing what to do. Okay, deep breath, Ali.

  2. Wow, I hate heart stopping moments like that. Even when they aren't your own kids. You've definitely got my heart going. Give Stratton a huge good job hug from us!! I'm so glad everyone is okay.

  3. OH my goodness-good job Stratton! Kids are such stinkers! I am so glad your baby boy is safe. We can't ever get Baron and Creighton together, I'm afraid they would end up in WAY too much trouble :)

  4. Oh my goodness what a fright! Hooray for guardian angels. I am glad he's ok but laughed at the fact that Stratton was the one who opened the gate. Love it. I'm sure I'll have times like that myself.