Friday, May 28, 2010

A Temporary Spell

Life is heavenly for a moment. Creighton is actually taking a nap today, Keelian is asleep also, warm and snuggled on my chest, Stratton is busy on some art project at the table, it's windy and sprinkling outside, and I have Pandora playing peaceful piano solos.
It won't last. As soon as Cratey wakes up, the spell will be broken and I'll turn into a witch again. I hate it, but the boys just push me to my limits constantly. Yesterday they were such stinkers! Nothing in my day went as planned (I know, I need to learn to be more flexible) and then as I was unloading the Costco groceries and about to head to Ric's parents' house, the were being disobedient and it was the last straw.
I really chewed them out. The whole time Creighton sat there saying, "What Mom? What Mom?" He could tell I was frustrated, but I think he didn't quite understand what was going on. So I stopped and explained that I was really mad at them because they didn't mind me and it really made me sad and hurt my feelings. Creighton then penitently said, "Awww man!!" And that just totally took the wind out of my sails. I had to turn around so they couldn't see me laughing.
A couple of days ago I was going to just list all of the things Creighton did all day. It was easy to keep track of because he left a trail of disaster behind him (accented with Stratton messes also). Instead I decided to keep track of things I was thankful for, but may be more of a commentary on my attempts at seeing the humor than positivity.
It went something like this: I'm thankful that the big bottle of soap Cratey dumped out while in the bathtub was only 1/3 of the way full to begin with. I'm thankful that Creighton didn't eat the hydrocortisone cream that he squeezed out all over his hands. I'm thankful that when Stratton peed in the van while I was in the post office mailing a package, he peed on the smallest rug in the van. I'm thankful that when Keelian had a blowout while laying on the clean laundry on my bed that the poop only got on exercise clothes and not the nice clothes or my bedspread. And so on...


  1. Wow Ser, do I know how you feel. I was getting myself ready this morning and realized that Jax was WAY to quite on his side of the house. So I went to investigate. I found him quietly in his room playing in a corner behind his train table with the carton of eggs. He had cracked on right onto the carpet, one onto his leg which had dripped on the carpet and one more was just about the become part of the carpet when I stopped him. Then when he woke up from his nap there was a nice pee circle, so we promptly pulled and washed his bedding. I feel your pain and the only advice I can give is to breath. Because that's all I know what to do. ;-)

  2. !!!!! Good to know I'm not alone!