Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Man and His Dog... A Boy and His Toad!

The larger toad Ric brought back from high adventure two years ago (yes, it has survived for two years!) and the smaller one was a "gift" from our upstairs neighbor who found it one night when she took her dogs out and caught it for the boys.
This was the first time this year we've gotten them out and just let them hop around in the back area for a bit. The boys were ecstatic! And Creighton learned how to catch them and hold them on his own - quite humorous to witness, but admittedly not very humane!
I tried to talk Stratton into letting them go this summer - told him their moms probably miss them. He started crying, telling me he'd miss them too much! So much for my strategy for getting rid of them. Looks like we'll be buying crickets for a little bit longer yet. (I hate paying money to have bugs in my house - especially when they get loose!)
Ah well, I suppose a little boy needs something to love!


  1. What cute pictures! Even if they are toads. Devin and I really laughed to read about Stratton crying at your suggestion. What a good mom you are!

  2. Awesome! I guess we'll see what critters Nathan gets hooked on. I used to house salamanders with my brothers so I guess all little kids like the slimey creatures. Your boys are so dang cute!